Formless middlebrow blob

                “The less time we [society] have, the more homogenous our tastes will become until the entire nation mutates into one big, formless middlebrow blob.” – Elizabeth Day, The Observer Magazine, 21.08.11 How true. This is the world the recommendation engine is making…

Stung for import tax – Threadless Tees

Bummer. Seems to be a lottery for orders over £18 (£15 from November 2011) but on this order I got stung a whopping £20 charges! £8 of that is for post office handling. While I completely understand why import tax exists I think there ought to be a pre-pay system to enable buyers to avoid […]

eFax – unethical business practice

eFax – my experience with them by default, get no notification of ongoing fees they charge VAT on top of all figures without clear notice they have no way to cancel the service bar an 0870 high charge number the number they send you to log into the service is formatted incorrectly forcing you to […]

And the inconvenience caused

Not sure if anyone else noticed but the automated station announcements have been tweaked a bit. It always amused me that the announcement of a delayed train would have the suffix of “…Capital Connect are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused…” While the quote may not be word perfect the ‘old’ announcement did […]

Tesco re-brand to Dars.

Hey Tesco! – The similarity of the branding on Dars Express in Cambridge is uncanny. Reminds me of ‘safest way’ in Dubai. Brilliant.

Printed coffin

I was passing a funeral home and saw this, an edge to edge printed coffin with a scene from the jungle. Truly a sight to behold. Imagine the pride as your loved one is carried by men in black suits in a box like this. “He lived by the jungle, he died in a jungle… […]

U R missing from…

The Salvation Army had this poster up last month. It’s not the first bit of thoughtful design I have noticed than having. In my opinion- just missing the U out would have been more effective and quicker to understand. The U R is clever but it makes a passing glance ineffective, it took me a […]

Meat Raffle anyone?

Was on the Isle of Wight in a quality venue near West Cowes and spotted this in the toilet. Say no more.

Apple replaces the humble paperclip

I am not kidding. When I got my iPhone 1 back in November 2008 this was the genuine tool issued to staff at the apple store. Interesting that bow that the device has proved itself they even make their own pokey thing. What was wrong with the paperclip? it did the job, in fact os […]

Great low tech design treat

White vans are not known to sport the best graphics. Simple is best, black text with ‘Plumber’ and a number will suffice. This van looked no different till walking close. A nice detail to a standard job.

Swop places with your dog.

This selfless old lady has given up her seat for her dog. I was crossing opposite her on tottenham court road. I really like this picture.

Wo there! Crash

This broken street sign/ water marker was rather heavy. The fact it got hit elsewhere, dragged to a remote location and placed in a ditch is, well, a bit mafia. I thought it amusing that if you are helping a driver reverse you say Wo when they need to stop, well I don’t think they […]

Google is growing inside you

Google are prepping a major update to Google Chrome, the key change is that it coincides with the launch of their HTML web-app stores. er. Wow. I hear you say. Well it just illustrates the cool calculating way of the Google. Google TV is attacking the living room, Google Android has won the top OS […]

Bicycle Bell

I am designing a new bicycle bell at the moment and spotted this lovely number at Holborn Circus lights. The kind lady let me take a picture. Apparently she bought it in San Francisco. It had a nice ping. It makes me think of old cap guns. Not a bad bell, no way near as […]

Leafy toes

I love autumn. On a potter across the park my shoes picked up some nice toe-caps.


This stuff is quite fantastic. The one I bought is made of Beetroot and Apple stuff. Stuff because its manufacture is a mystery to me. I do know it is 100% organic, it has no sugar and Wren (10 months now) has started to enjoy it as a sweet additive to her toast! Yum. It tastes nothing […]