And the inconvenience caused

Not sure if anyone else noticed but the automated station announcements have been tweaked a bit. It always amused me that the announcement of a delayed train would have the suffix of “…Capital Connect are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused…” While the quote may not be word perfect the ‘old’ announcement did […]

Apple replaces the humble paperclip

I am not kidding. When I got my iPhone 1 back in November 2008 this was the genuine tool issued to staff at the apple store. Interesting that bow that the device has proved itself they even make their own pokey thing. What was wrong with the paperclip? it did the job, in fact os […]

Schipol airport information

Amsterdam’s main airport is a sprawling mass of tunnels and flat conveyer-belts of 100m and more. It is a very exhausting place. Some gates are a good distance (read miles) from the main entry an you need to hunt a bit. These signs help somewhat offering walking times. I like the way that have not […]

Flip Off Man

Nice clear labelling on this soluble medication container. Flip it off yourself.

Coke bottle tops and necks

I don’t really buy fizzy pop at all so I am not sure if this is an entirely new phenomenon. Bought this Coke bottle in Paris and immediately noticed it had a short screw top and neck. Yes I realise this is not amazing news but it has changed the dynamic of using the bottle. […]

WAIT what’s inside?

I was lucky enough to be passing a new junction and saw this pedestrian crossing button terminal being installed. As you can see, there is not a lot going on in this box anymore but the form factor has been left constant. In years past I imagine this box was brimming with wires and took […]

Form input

It is rare that i get this excited about form validation but it has just happened. I almost feel a sense of urgency in sticking it in my scrapbook. Now I dont think i have a category meant for digital interface stuff… maybe this is the turning point to add a ‘patterns’ category – nah, how […]

Wait For The Coin To Drop

I have walked past this box many times, tried to slide open the panels, leaned on them – all the things you do when you are a good boy of 14. Only now have I realised it has special features. Insert 5p Coin Wait for the coin to drop Then Lift Up Flap No icons. […]

Head smashing. Yeah.

This was taken in Japan, part of an art school show that I wandered into whilst exploring the streets of Kyoto. I liked this piece; it reminded me of all the pictures I drew when I was at school – heads melting off the hands they were cradled in but this student went that step […]

Maximum 4 dogs per walker

Spotted this sign near Sydenham Park. The graphic looks like a mind map but the message is so unexpected. I wonder if one of the versions was a person with 5 dogs and negative line through it; no doubt someone could argue they had 6 dogs and therefore they were ok. The sign doesn’t work […]

Fire! Fire! Multiple choice.

This reminds me of a few previous posts most notably Imagine there is a fire. Admittedly you would probably hit them all, or would you? Would you think that the buttons related to the severity of the fire? Maybe the green one produces an ashtray, the amber notifies the janitor and the red does […]

Big, soft and made of metal

This statue, or would it be best to call it an installation? Is in the centre of Schipol, Amsterdam’s airport. I have been through the airport many times over the years and always admired the piece so thought it finally worth a mention. I like it because every time I have seen the two slumped figures […]

A Library Chair

I was rather impressed when I saw this chair. This is the first one I have ever seen, last month while in Orkney. If the concept of a library chair is new to you then I implore you to look closely at the chair in step mode. The hinge allows the upper half of the […]

Opps, man falling

This sign is not very well done. Yes it conveys a message but the human eye is better equipped to understand image than the designer… There is too much detail in the sign for the message, this leads to interpretation rather than simple recognition. Funny nontheless. Photo taken at Deerness, Orkney.

Is that me?

Oh, what a twatt. Orkney proved entertaining and interesting, bits to follow…

Holland Happy Sugar

As usability goes this sugar sachet is rather good, it’s styling however is superb. I have seen many, the long ones the erm- square ones and now a round one with a smiley face. Happy sugar.