Great low tech design treat

White vans are not known to sport the best graphics. Simple is best, black text with ‘Plumber’ and a number will suffice. This van looked no different till walking close. A nice detail to a standard job.

Bicycle Bell

I am designing a new bicycle bell at the moment and spotted this lovely number at Holborn Circus lights. The kind lady let me take a picture. Apparently she bought it in San Francisco. It had a nice ping. It makes me think of old cap guns. Not a bad bell, no way near as […]


This stuff is quite fantastic. The one I bought is made of Beetroot and Apple stuff. Stuff because its manufacture is a mystery to me. I do know it is 100% organic, it has no sugar and Wren (10 months now) has started to enjoy it as a sweet additive to her toast! Yum. It tastes nothing […]


This is *the lighter to pull out at the local pub. Yeah.

Scooter Bell

A wonderful addition to a striking scooter. The mind bogles as to why a scooter needs a bell – surely the engine makes enough sound?

Test post with images.

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Testing one two three. Small image- ok Medium – ok Large – crash on commit (choose) Original – tbc -Images not linking to anything. Old wp uploaded pics used to invoke lightbox. – writing new post or editing old post > when media tab used […]

He rides no more.

My friend George died yesterday. Memories of him have flooded to the front of my head. I am tired from the barrage of images. Goodnight George.

WordPress ate my blog.

Why the silence? Well my frequent scrapbook entries have been thwarted by the wordpress app fail. It ate all drafts (there were many) and proceeded to not publish and crash and blah and blah. I cannot ever see myself at a computer uploading images and silly ideas – from my mobile it is perfectly immediate […]

Language moves on

Words are forever being repurposed; gay, wicked, sick, heavy… on re-reading HG Wells’ Invisible Man I noticed the following line. ” He lit the dining-room lamp, got out a cigar, and began pacing the room, ejaculating. Now and then he would argue with himself. ” Interesting to see how this line could not be used […]

Giant Jack Russell

Spotted this dog in France. Kinda looked like a giant Jack Russell. Turns out it is a Spaniel/ Bassett cross. Nice dog, smooth tail, smooth fur, nice temperament. Good cross.

Road labelling in France

Most, if not all, road markings in France use inverted letters and solid symbols. They all look pre-prepared in comparison to the UK who predominantly use single thickness lines and construct words and symbols as required. Does the use of inverted letters make the words easier to read? or are they simply easier to apply […]

Form input

It is rare that i get this excited about form validation but it has just happened. I almost feel a sense of urgency in sticking it in my scrapbook. Now I dont think i have a category meant for digital interface stuff… maybe this is the turning point to add a ‘patterns’ category – nah, how […]

minivmac [No Thick Manuals]

Moscow, no I really must go…

I have a visa. I have the tickets. I have no idea why I NEED to be there but I am going all the same. It may be fun on either side of the obvious stresses; we shall see! Telling a group of Russians the name of their new product for a Russian audience in […]

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