Head smashing. Yeah.

This was taken in Japan, part of an art school show that I wandered into whilst exploring the streets of Kyoto. I liked this piece; it reminded me of all the pictures I drew when I was at school – heads melting off the hands they were cradled in but this student went that step […]

Hobsons Postman’s Knock

Nutty sweet treacle mild with a quiet burn. Yum.

I’d rather be fighting Chavs

The best fitness promo (on the street) i have seen was a group of girls in fitness clothes looking well, er, fit and healthy – what made it memorable was not their beauty it was their attitude. They were running up to passers by giving them a leaflet then bounding off like they were in […]

The dying art of DIY snow maintenance

It snows. It will always snow. Well, some years… but that is no excuse. All people, residents and users should take some responsibility for their environment. In the last week people have done nothing but whinge about how the snow has been compacted and is now ice – unwalkable and unclearable. The shortage of grit […]

This man is not amused…

This is my brother-in-law pulling a face at some point in a discourse. For the record – I don’t think he was angry.

Nice Day. Nice Smoking.

I had a fascination with the vending machines in Japan and the amazing range of products they contained . This machine was the only one that I managed to take a photo of the message is VERY strong.On all nice days I may now consider smoking!

Barbican – ‘I Am So Sorry. Goodbye’

‘I Am So Sorry. Goodbye’ by Heather and Ivan Morison A Tea House of sorts – positioned outside on the terrace of the Barbican, just at the water’s edge. I made a bee-line for this place on quite a few lunch breaks. Taking just myself, or someone else. The two faces in two images are […]

Reclaim your street

This was taken the other week on leather lane, outside the newsagents near greggs at the north end. The pile was next to a group of workmen with digging implements. Leather lane has a lot of Market stalls, some with flowers and the like. I do not know who created this installation but either way- […]

Reclaim the streets

Nature rules. The organic overlord will always prevail. There are amazing pictures of Chernoboyl where nature has / is reclaiming the land. This silly example is in EC2N, London. I just like the structure the tree has formed- it has neither ignored or covered the sign but has chosen to somehow ooze around it in […]

Foriegn Braile

I may be branded a fool for this but that has not stopped me before. When in japan I saw some braile, then I wondered if braile was universal. I know that the Internet may proove useful with thos question but I think I like not knowing – well maybe. The reason it did not […]

Tron is back. (Goodieeeee! Wow, No way)

I dunno if i am behind the times here but i just discovered that Tron is up for a sequel of sorts. Jeff Bridges is the main protaganist again, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy and the graphics look well erm, rather good. The trailer shows it all .

What does IPTV mean to you?

My day job is all about interfaces and interactions, I spend my time working with IPTV projects and yesterday I wrote the following summary to help new comers to IPTV find there way in how it effects them and, possibly, why they should be bothered:

The Advanced WWII Planes

All those stealth fighters that look so original and modern are the height of modern aviation and development – pah. The Germans had a team working on some amazing technology in the 2nd world war. Now it is hard to say that a machine designed for war of any kind is aesthetically pleasing but… this […]

Armed responce?

I saw this in kennington a while ago and it made me chuckle. The passenger spotted me and I know he knew what I thought. I really do not know why I find this funny but I do, and I can’t figure out what the police would use catering support for that a contrator couldn’t […]

Chain entry control

I like the complex simplicity of this gate. Complex as it has moving parts which are hidden in the turret which I imagine is hard to get in and fiddle; and the channel for the chain when dropped as in the images. Nothing like the rather simple folding gates I saw all over japan [posts […]

Footwear on the line

NYC 2005. In Brooklyn.