Formless middlebrow blob

                “The less time we [society] have, the more homogenous our tastes will become until the entire nation mutates into one big, formless middlebrow blob.” – Elizabeth Day, The Observer Magazine, 21.08.11 How true. This is the world the recommendation engine is making…

Stung for import tax – Threadless Tees

Bummer. Seems to be a lottery for orders over £18 (£15 from November 2011) but on this order I got stung a whopping £20 charges! £8 of that is for post office handling. While I completely understand why import tax exists I think there ought to be a pre-pay system to enable buyers to avoid […]

eFax – unethical business practice

eFax – my experience with them by default, get no notification of ongoing fees they charge VAT on top of all figures without clear notice they have no way to cancel the service bar an 0870 high charge number the number they send you to log into the service is formatted incorrectly forcing you to […]

And the inconvenience caused

Not sure if anyone else noticed but the automated station announcements have been tweaked a bit. It always amused me that the announcement of a delayed train would have the suffix of “…Capital Connect are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused…” While the quote may not be word perfect the ‘old’ announcement did […]

Google is growing inside you

Google are prepping a major update to Google Chrome, the key change is that it coincides with the launch of their HTML web-app stores. er. Wow. I hear you say. Well it just illustrates the cool calculating way of the Google. Google TV is attacking the living room, Google Android has won the top OS […]

Leafy toes

I love autumn. On a potter across the park my shoes picked up some nice toe-caps.

My ring is Blick

This is not funny. But somehow it is. Oh, on another note, do you remember finding these useful?! I loved them, used them to keep my vinyl tight on the spindle.

No body but me

A trout without appendages fits nicely in the freezer. When cleaning my last fish this ‘natural composition’ occurred, knife became fish.

But isn’t everyone a patient?

This is in my doctor’s surgery waiting room. “Please give up your seat for a patient” Did i miss something?

Piff Paff

Poof! The French do devil snaps but theirs apparently do not go bang. Not sure how impressive a piff or a paff is to anyone.

Coke bottle tops and necks

I don’t really buy fizzy pop at all so I am not sure if this is an entirely new phenomenon. Bought this Coke bottle in Paris and immediately noticed it had a short screw top and neck. Yes I realise this is not amazing news but it has changed the dynamic of using the bottle. […]

Inside TFL’s bike hire stations

Everyone is talking about London’s new bike hire scheme but who wants to know what is going on inside? Well no one probably but here are the pics- the insides of one of the terminals, the one opposite Euston station in fact.

Spotting the unusual is easy

People have some sort of ‘normal’ filter where only the odd signals from the visual processing unit get pushed to conscious thought. This window would have gone unnoticed and a passerby would not have been able to tell you what they just ignored yet with no flashing lights or signage this simply ‘not right’ scene […]

how do they do it?

This may sound a little stupid but i have always wondered how they coat nuts with, well, anything. Take a chocolate covered Brazil nut – perfectly shaped, no flat spots, no mount marks in fact, no marks at all, just a smooth shape…. So how is it done? are the nuts shot through a chocolate […]

Wait For The Coin To Drop

I have walked past this box many times, tried to slide open the panels, leaned on them – all the things you do when you are a good boy of 14. Only now have I realised it has special features. Insert 5p Coin Wait for the coin to drop Then Lift Up Flap No icons. […]

1/8 Irish

One day our discussion was looping around how my wife had Irish blood but ‘how much’ was the question… After a large family tree, some fractions and an outward bound tide we established that Philippa was one eighth Irish. Now for the next problem – when should a person accept that they are no longer […]