Swop places with your dog.

This selfless old lady has given up her seat for her dog. I was crossing opposite her on tottenham court road. I really like this picture.

Neo Puff

When my child was being born the hospital obviously needed to be ready for anything. There was a purpose built collection of tools for babies including a work bench with a heat lamp, suction stuff and a respirator called Neo Puff. Sorry, yes, I found the time to take a picture moments after she was […]

Having a baby enhances your senses

Project baby is going rather well, we have been lucky- the development engine in my little Wren is fully functioning. It is affecting me; I have officially gained super human hearing and a bonus ‘baby sense’ which allows me to

Labour, life, love

Wow. Wow. Wow. Birth/ labour is a very intimate time between partners. I am so happy that I was there for the journey, for my wife. My first child, Penelope Wren was born at 02:55 on 23rd December 2009 at Kings College Hospital. Weighing a healthy 3.456Kg (7lb 10oz). Wow. The Kings College team was […]