Armour plated car

Spotted this last year. I think the idea of being able to stand on your car is an odd one, well in England it would have very little practical application. Maybe it was just a style choice then?

How to make coat into goat.

With only a pen and a bit of imagination I was able to turn this coat hook on an aeroplane into a goat hook. I made the modification mid flight to Germany, on the way to visit KDG about their EPG earlier this year.

Inhaler customisation / making Ventolin delivery cooler

Inhalers look so dull, brown for Becotide, blue for Ventolin. Yawn. When I was about 14 I had this idea to make cases for the canisters. Well, custom inhaler units in which you could swap the drugs. This photo is one of a few I made but I just threw it out. Note that the […]

Frank’s Campari Bar

One week to go! Franks Campari Bar is due to close for September I will see if I can get some inside information but reportedly this lovely little creation will not be functioning beyond the 31st August. It is the ‘arty’ café found on the top of a multistory car park in Peckham, London UK. […]

Smoking suicide

Oh the fun you can have with a biro and Italian cigarettes.

Designer drainpipe.

Vienna – I love the details. The customisation of the drainpipe makes it look as nice as it is useful. It looks cool when not raining and even cooler when it is. I want pipework with imagination- why don’t DIY stores sell giant bendy straw type pipes so we can cover our houses in neon […]

Butchered in London – the DIY approach to good meat

Mid January 2009 I was gifted a butchery course which I wanted to go on. It was run by Farmer Sharp and the tutor was Mr Sharp himself in Borough Market London. It was an odd session, starting at 15:00 and due to continue ’till it over’ which for me was about 2200 and I […]

Don’t piss in my corner

This is a wonderful idea. Although I have no evidence I am completely convinced of the function of this feature. This masonary oddity is at the height of your adverage set of knees and can be found in many many of the ‘prime’ corners around the narrow passages of Venice. The top will not take […]

How to make a matchstick man

This scene of two sailors with their boat box took over 20 matches to work! When making match stick men you will end up with a lot of war vetrans; arms and legs missing all over the place! Best done with the arms first, then legs and finally the neck bend. Yes o realize this […]

Modify you iPod earphones – make them better coz they are shit!

Wo! My first make-ish post! I actually started modifying my earphones years ago, sticking more comfortable ‘fontopia’ outer rubbers on varying earphones. It was not therefore, a new idea for me although I was rather suprised to find the old Philips cheap rubbers fit so snug on my iPhone earphones. They make the sound quality […]

Odd lock in France

This lock is in my friend Pheobe’s house in the middle of Paris, France. It is an odd lock with part of the mechanism on the key itself. On discovery I was, and am, facinated with this find – It seems odd to put a spring loaded unit on a key let alone have such […]

The RIOT Wheel – Single-Wheeled Vehicle

Hacking of Oyster (RFID) Ticketing Systems

I am not going to write a description of this only pose the question – do you think the London system is similar or the same as this? It would be interesting to be able to mod/ jack oyster cards 😉 .

Slide rule clock prototype

This creation makes me wonder if anyone has made a similar clock but with rotating drums, this making the 0 next to the 60 and the minute/ hour transitions smooth and simple.

Pocket sundials

Take this link as a precurser to a ramble about time and pocket watches.

Solar Theremin