Printed coffin

I was passing a funeral home and saw this, an edge to edge printed coffin with a scene from the jungle. Truly a sight to behold. Imagine the pride as your loved one is carried by men in black suits in a box like this. “He lived by the jungle, he died in a jungle… […]

Meat Raffle anyone?

Was on the Isle of Wight in a quality venue near West Cowes and spotted this in the toilet. Say no more.

Swop places with your dog.

This selfless old lady has given up her seat for her dog. I was crossing opposite her on tottenham court road. I really like this picture.

Wo there! Crash

This broken street sign/ water marker was rather heavy. The fact it got hit elsewhere, dragged to a remote location and placed in a ditch is, well, a bit mafia. I thought it amusing that if you are helping a driver reverse you say Wo when they need to stop, well I don’t think they […]

No artwork available

At least they were honest. This underpass has never really seen anything other than a marker pen from Whsmiths so this felt quite ground breaking. As I understand it. Saying it is not art may even qualify it for being it.

Black cock picture request

Yet another piece of word art (!). This bit of graffiti is in the mens toilet next to the quaint rose garden of Brockwell Park. The text is quite small but the message is clear. Or is it? What I find genius is that this joke is a development on the classic ‘call ____ for […]

Inhaler customisation / making Ventolin delivery cooler

Inhalers look so dull, brown for Becotide, blue for Ventolin. Yawn. When I was about 14 I had this idea to make cases for the canisters. Well, custom inhaler units in which you could swap the drugs. This photo is one of a few I made but I just threw it out. Note that the […]

Dirty Language, Dirty Dancing

On seeing the graphic my sister was quick to respond; this quick snap sees her on form and in the correct position. A true natural, but did she read it? How could they write that? Globalised age? What is that exactly? Is the show about the Internet? Is this show a global phenomenon? I classify […]

Another top sandwich from the wife

Regular readers will know of earlier examples of the best sandwiches, this is no different as yet again the Time verses Quality control knob is turned very firmly towards Time for this creation. There were 8 slices of ham stacked in this one. Yum. Well better to have than to have not.

Reclaim your street

This was taken the other week on leather lane, outside the newsagents near greggs at the north end. The pile was next to a group of workmen with digging implements. Leather lane has a lot of Market stalls, some with flowers and the like. I do not know who created this installation but either way- […]

Camberwell graffiti

I love this graffiti, done on a buss stop in Camberwell opposite MacDonalds. I took it when walking to work in February when there was a lot of snow! Yes, uploaded rather late but who cares. “Police using some gadget to talk to people’s heads. Electronic harassment working with scientists.”

CAUTION : floating on air.

It could have been CUSHION but it isn’t. Can’t remember where I took this. But I did.

Chain entry control

I like the complex simplicity of this gate. Complex as it has moving parts which are hidden in the turret which I imagine is hard to get in and fiddle; and the channel for the chain when dropped as in the images. Nothing like the rather simple folding gates I saw all over japan [posts […]

This will not release money

The phrasing on this vending machine made me chuckle. It seems to be wriiten in reaction to overhearing a conversation rather than a statement of fact. “hey let’s tilt the chocolate machine it will get scared and release the funds to meet our demands. Yeah.”

No advertising, the art of the remains…

Maybe I have written This before but i simply love the remains of advertising that you can occasionally see around london. Here are a couple of shots from 2007 or about then at Oxford Circus. Nice.


A small message next to a small set of steps in Venice. Funny Message.