Stung for import tax – Threadless Tees

Bummer. Seems to be a lottery for orders over £18 (£15 from November 2011) but on this order I got stung a whopping £20 charges! £8 of that is for post office handling. While I completely understand why import tax exists I think there ought to be a pre-pay system to enable buyers to avoid […]

I’d rather be fighting Chavs

The best fitness promo (on the street) i have seen was a group of girls in fitness clothes looking well, er, fit and healthy – what made it memorable was not their beauty it was their attitude. They were running up to passers by giving them a leaflet then bounding off like they were in […]

Head in the flow.

Just in case you need to dry your hair there are instructions on how to use a hand drier. This one is only different to the normal ones in that it has no movable parts and so the diagram shows a solution that is rather obvious. To add insult to injury- the illustration shows the […]

How to hang a poster

Not sure how the hanging of promotional material in specifically designed boxes would need instruction but TFL obviously think they need it. I took this on an underground platform (London) this month. I am suprised and amused on a few levels. The need for this sticker which is about 5×8 inches in every poster box […]


A small message next to a small set of steps in Venice. Funny Message.

How to queue safely

Dublin, Ireland, March 2009. Apparently Dubliners need to be taught how to queue without incedent. Jokes aside, it seems to work, so much so I do not know why it is the british that are famous for queing, the Irish are exceedingly good at an orderly bus line.

Roadwork preparation

These road markings were at the junction south of the river of Blackfriers Bridge London mid 2008. I thought they looked nice enough to stop and record in the morning on the way in to work. I am not sure what they mean, I am guessing the symbols and colours relate to different services, gas, […]

Alex Poole – Literature Review – Serif vs. Sans Serif Legibility Mr Benjamin Hobson

What is wrong with Request for Proposal (RFP)

Carousel Pattern – Yahoo! Design Pattern Library