Printed coffin

I was passing a funeral home and saw this, an edge to edge printed coffin with a scene from the jungle. Truly a sight to behold. Imagine the pride as your loved one is carried by men in black suits in a box like this. “He lived by the jungle, he died in a jungle… […]

Swop places with your dog.

This selfless old lady has given up her seat for her dog. I was crossing opposite her on tottenham court road. I really like this picture.

Wo there! Crash

This broken street sign/ water marker was rather heavy. The fact it got hit elsewhere, dragged to a remote location and placed in a ditch is, well, a bit mafia. I thought it amusing that if you are helping a driver reverse you say Wo when they need to stop, well I don’t think they […]

What. Load of Radish

A fresh radish has a different texture to it, more bite, more fibre. Yes, it is straight from the garden. Salad anyone?

WAIT what’s inside?

I was lucky enough to be passing a new junction and saw this pedestrian crossing button terminal being installed. As you can see, there is not a lot going on in this box anymore but the form factor has been left constant. In years past I imagine this box was brimming with wires and took […]

Spotting the unusual is easy

People have some sort of ‘normal’ filter where only the odd signals from the visual processing unit get pushed to conscious thought. This window would have gone unnoticed and a passerby would not have been able to tell you what they just ignored yet with no flashing lights or signage this simply ‘not right’ scene […]

Tubular Future Fancy

Apparently this is the first new underground train in the last 10 years. A lot has happened in this time, broadband is commonplace, mobile phones ubiquitous, mass produced sudo electric cars… Infact not a lot has happened that has brought us closer to the future, the iPhone maybe? Anyway after ten whole years we have […]

Maximum 4 dogs per walker

Spotted this sign near Sydenham Park. The graphic looks like a mind map but the message is so unexpected. I wonder if one of the versions was a person with 5 dogs and negative line through it; no doubt someone could argue they had 6 dogs and therefore they were ok. The sign doesn’t work […]

Fire! Fire! Multiple choice.

This reminds me of a few previous posts most notably Imagine there is a fire. Admittedly you would probably hit them all, or would you? Would you think that the buttons related to the severity of the fire? Maybe the green one produces an ashtray, the amber notifies the janitor and the red does […]

The dying art of DIY snow maintenance

It snows. It will always snow. Well, some years… but that is no excuse. All people, residents and users should take some responsibility for their environment. In the last week people have done nothing but whinge about how the snow has been compacted and is now ice – unwalkable and unclearable. The shortage of grit […]


Matter is the new club from the creators of Fabric, the world famous super club in Farringdon, London. Matter is a purpose built (re-purposed) club and as such it has not got any heritage or ‘unique’ oddities well, other than being in the O2 arena (Millennium Dome) ! So whats the verdict? Well it has […]

Iphone becomes a HUD for augmented reality

Oh my, the iphone is becomming even better. It has now been exploited as a device capable of augmenting reality like some sort of heads-up display. Fan-damn-tastic. All we need now are some goggles that plug into it so that the whole world can be labelled, categorised and organised. The future will save us!

Cool Drains

Over the years i have ammassed a large number of drain shot from around the world. One day i may upload them all but until then be happy that this one is handy. 😉

Boxes hanging out on paris street corners

Walking in north east central Paris I noticed these waist high box people chilling out between shops and on corners. They did not bother me with their wares but all the same they caught my eye, no two dressed the same but all with the same style of leaning. Like a ‘gangsta’ walk but a […]

Three wheelers in Sicily

You have to love tuk tuks. Found all over the world. Interestingly (for only me probably) I was not expecting to see them in Italy/ Sicily. What was nice is that rather than the dirtiness and overloaded style of their Indian counterparts the Sicilian versions were either loved or abandoned. Yes yes, not an exciting […]

Hairy Pop-ins

This wonderful hairdresser/ barber is in Wokingham. Very nice name and equally wonderful styling!