Tesco re-brand to Dars.

Hey Tesco! – The similarity of the branding on Dars Express in Cambridge is uncanny. Reminds me of ‘safest way’ in Dubai. Brilliant.

U R missing from…

The Salvation Army had this poster up last month. It’s not the first bit of thoughtful design I have noticed than having. In my opinion- just missing the U out would have been more effective and quicker to understand. The U R is clever but it makes a passing glance ineffective, it took me a […]

Apple replaces the humble paperclip

I am not kidding. When I got my iPhone 1 back in November 2008 this was the genuine tool issued to staff at the apple store. Interesting that bow that the device has proved itself they even make their own pokey thing. What was wrong with the paperclip? it did the job, in fact os […]

Google is growing inside you

Google are prepping a major update to Google Chrome, the key change is that it coincides with the launch of their HTML web-app stores. er. Wow. I hear you say. Well it just illustrates the cool calculating way of the Google. Google TV is attacking the living room, Google Android has won the top OS […]

Schipol airport information

Amsterdam’s main airport is a sprawling mass of tunnels and flat conveyer-belts of 100m and more. It is a very exhausting place. Some gates are a good distance (read miles) from the main entry an you need to hunt a bit. These signs help somewhat offering walking times. I like the way that have not […]

But isn’t everyone a patient?

This is in my doctor’s surgery waiting room. “Please give up your seat for a patient” Did i miss something?

Flip Off Man

Nice clear labelling on this soluble medication container. Flip it off yourself.

Another ringer wanted

I wonder how long this wanted card has been in use. Spotted in the Sepulture Church of Northampton during the bridal procession.

Know thy audience

Glymbourne hosts rather opulent events and the clientele attracted obviously may have problems understanding the more ‘common’ toilet symbols.

Coke bottle tops and necks

I don’t really buy fizzy pop at all so I am not sure if this is an entirely new phenomenon. Bought this Coke bottle in Paris and immediately noticed it had a short screw top and neck. Yes I realise this is not amazing news but it has changed the dynamic of using the bottle. […]

Form input

It is rare that i get this excited about form validation but it has just happened. I almost feel a sense of urgency in sticking it in my scrapbook. Now I dont think i have a category meant for digital interface stuff… maybe this is the turning point to add a ‘patterns’ category – nah, how […]

Airport Stokke

The similarity between these items is uncanny they even handle the same. Both are of Dutch design… One, the Stokke pram boasts the highest seat for your child (to aid interaction and visibility), the other quick access to your hand luggage. Humm. Not a ‘wow’ post in the scheme of things but interesting nontheless.

Maximum 4 dogs per walker

Spotted this sign near Sydenham Park. The graphic looks like a mind map but the message is so unexpected. I wonder if one of the versions was a person with 5 dogs and negative line through it; no doubt someone could argue they had 6 dogs and therefore they were ok. The sign doesn’t work […]

Ever lasting calender from postcards

A calender that lasts forever is not a new idea but this one, made from a simple slotted plastic sheet filled with postcards, is an excellent idea. It’s like a development on the fridge as a sharing tool.

You are the man.

This product type will always amuse me, it’s a do-rag. Effectively an elasticated bandana. Every example I have seen ihas demonstrated some sort of graphic genius or an amusing way with words, I stumbled on this one in my local chemist. Yes, you ARE the man.

Civil service bag

When I was registering my child I noticed this very classic bag. Who would have thought this type of thing would be kicking around Brixton Council.