eFax – unethical business practice

eFax – my experience with them

  • by default, get no notification of ongoing fees
  • they charge VAT on top of all figures without clear notice
  • they have no way to cancel the service bar an 0870 high charge number
  • the number they send you to log into the service is formatted incorrectly forcing you to contact them
  • unethical business practices
  • avoid. cost me over £50 in charges with no notification and no faxes!
  • a quick look on the net shows they have been shit for many many years
I am not alone people all over net stating more detailed stories of awful/ non existant customer service and crazy billing.
If you dig around the net you will find sites with great reviews mixed in with awful ones – they read like seeded reviews. All complete rubbish. I am angry with myself for not spotting it earlier.
eFax review – NO stars
e fax scam – FIVE stars
electronic fax – 1 recieved
word press- please do your work and allow the internet to find this post.

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eFax – unethical business practice

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